Congratulations on establishing your venture and thank you for applying to the Bellingham Angel Investors. We are an active group of accredited investors providing capital, connections and expertise to early stage ventures like yours. We are segment agnostic, with a geographic focus on the US Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Canada. We are passionate about companies with unique products/solutions that solve unmet market needs and that are led by great people. Since our founding in 2005, BAI members have invested more than $30M in approximately 50 companies.


Each month, the BAI Screening Committee discusses all applications for funding. From this group of applicants, the Screening Committee invites up to 3 companies to present their pitch to BAI members at our regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Following the applicants’ presentations, the BAI Review Committee meets to discuss the presenting companies and the prospects for a return on invested capital. Based on this discussion, the Review Committee determines which companies will proceed to the due diligence phase. Our goal is to conclude due diligence and reach an investment decision as soon as practicable. When we choose to invest, we often do so as part of a syndicate of affiliated angel groups and/or VCs.

We hope we can add your venture to our growing portfolio and help you to create a fantastic company.